Pleasant Ranch


Welcome to Pleasant Ranch - a one-man woodworking and content-creative shop located in Burlington, VT owned by me, Steve Hadeka. I create very small batches of one-of-a-kind home décor, bar ware, kitchenware and the occasional furniture piece. I also specialize in on-site retail display installations, create YouTube videos, write the occasional article and play two to four gigs a week with various regional bands throughout the Northeast.

With a couple of decades of professional experience in the music, media and design industries under my belt, I found myself ready for something new on or around 2012. Almost overnight something changed in me, – and I'm not even sure how or why, (probably had something to do with becoming a father) – but I could feel all of these seemingly unrelated jobs I had held in my life suddenly pointing me in a new and exciting direction.

Fast-forward to 2014, I had spent two to three years watching every woodworking video on YouTube and interning here and there with my guitar builder buddies, learning stuff like filling wood grain and fretwork. These luthier friends also provided an excellent source for small, yet exotic wood "off-cuts" that I could use for my small, crafty projects. I was accepted to the BCA Artist Market in the summer; by September 2014 I had left my "day job," and by November, Pleasant Ranch became and L.L.C. with the State of Vermont!


What is Pleasant Ranch? Like, do you have cattle?

Pleasant Ranch is our ranch-style home and Pleasant is the name of our street. I credit my good friend Creston Lea with coining the term while he was on his way here for band practice.

I saw your Vermont bottle openers, and they are pretty sweet, but I want a Minnesota one. Do you accept custom orders?

Yes. I accept custom orders for almost anything wooden. I really enjoy them, because they force me to try something new. If you have an idea for a project, hit me up at Let's make something cool!

Do you engrave stuff?

Absolutely. Any of my products and can be engraved, either by hand with my wood burning pen, or by outsourcing my local laser shop, ExactBuilt. Between myself and my buddy Michael at ExactBuilt, we can pretty much put ANY image, message or logo onto wood (or metal or glass, for that matter!).

When are you going to put up another YouTube video on your channel?

Argh! I know, right??? I am afraid that with my current density of orders, I am finding it harder and harder to release videos on any kind of schedule. However, I am working on a possible re-think of the channel, releasing more shorter videos that aren't necessarily "build" videos. Maybe some vlog stuff, tool reviews, drum solos, whatever. You can subscribe to my channel HERE.